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Important Information in Regard to Toenail Fungus Treatment

toes and fingernails are always affected by different fungal infections. Conditions such as capsulitis, ingrown nails, bunions, and hammertoes are some examples. Toenail fungus is the main cause of these conditions. After infection, the color of your nails changes. The color may turn chalky or yellowish.

Other symptoms that indicate your nails are under fungal infections include cracking, thickening and brittleness. When the fungus penetrates into the body, it starts multiplying in the nail region. This multiplication makes the nails to crack. On the other hand, it affects the skin around the nail. When the toes are kept on the open, this can slow the breeding speed. However, on closed shoes, the rate of breeding becomes accelerated.

This is due to the fact that darkness and warmth act as an incubator for the fungus. This is where the nail color changes. On the other hand, symptoms like pain are felt. After progressing, the nail breaks off. For a long time, this condition has been treated using topical products and antifungal creams as well as tablets and pills. One of the reasons why these methods have not been able to treat the condition is because of its resistant nature.

In addition, these traditional methods do not take effect faster. When the effect delays, mutation takes place and the fungus does not die. On the other hand, there might be unpleasant side effects. However, advancements in technology have made it easy to treat the condition. This is due to the invention of laser treatments for nail fungus. This is one of the most effective methods to cure toenail fungus.

Any type of toenail fungus can be treated by laser method. Laser treatment involves the use of painless beams and rays that are emitted by special machines. These are low laser rays of about 1064nm. This wavelength is not risky and does not cause pain. It does not affect body cells. It is so effective such that it destroys even fungal spores.

This occurs when the fungal cellular metabolism is altered. On the other hand, these rays have the ability to destroy the fungal internal components at a go. On the other hand, laser contains photochemical effects that destroy cell enzymes, membranes and proteins of the fungus killing it. This treatment method does not consume time and is less complicated.

It is performed within a short period and it takes effects immediately. The only problem is that you cannot note its effect during the treatment. You will notice the effects after a certain period of time due to the nails that will grow afterward. These effects will be noticed after two months or more. However, having the procedure performed by a podiatrist is better unlike DIY.

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