Covering Back to School Costs with an Installment Loan

As the final days of summer wind down, kids and parents are just gearing up for the new school year. When funds are tight, an installment loan can help to cover those back to school expenses as well as other things that come along the way. Here are some ways to use the extra funds for the child or childrens’ educational needs.

Clothing for School

There are some schools that implement uniform policies, where students have to follow certain clothing guidelines. There are specific shirts, khakis, pants, skirts, shoes, ties and things that parents are responsible for providing. An installment loan can help cover the costs. Kids are constantly growing, so even if there isn’t a uniform involved, the sizes of clothing probably changed. Borrow only what is needed to help manage the repayment.

School Supplies

The days of simply purchasing a pack of pencils and some notebook paper are long gone. Today, the school supply list is very detailed and includes expensive calculators, roomy backpacks and even laptop computers. An installment loan can help pay for a range of school supplies. Apply for the desired amount to cover the expenses and set the kids up for success early on in the school year. Whether it’s back to school or back to college, there is no need to stress about out of pocket costs now. Instead, pay the loan off back in affordable installments.

Tax Prep

Since the kids are going to be out of the house, parents may have more time to complete any un-filed income tax returns. Those who haven’t filed their 2017 forms because of a lack of funds, an installment loan can get them back on track. A tax prep agent will help to stay in compliance with federal and state tax guidelines. Use the installment loan to pay any taxes due and take advantages of additional services to receive all eligible child and education tax credits.

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